Visual communication

  • Aeronautics
  • Automotive
  • Rail
  • Industry
  • High-tech
  • Furniture
  • Design
  • Competition
  • Naval


No matter what your line of business or how complex your requirements, we will be at your side to optimise your processes. Our expertise in working for major industry leaders and our innovative surface preparation and treatment solutions are a guarantee for the quality of your marking, masking and protection operations.


A four-step process

Project definition

A phase of dialogue along with you to analyse your needs, define and plan your project.


A joint creative research phase working shoulder to shoulder with Nehia Consulting to brainstorm on ideas, concepts and materials to match your specifications.


Choice of design concepts, materials and manufacturing processes and the production of a prototype which is as realistic as possible.


Launch of unit or serial production at our site.


Interior & exterior

Multiple substrates

Innovating and matching the specific needs of our customers by developing made-to-measure solutions.

  • Technical adhesives
  • Made-to-measure stencils
  • Paint masking
  • Customized masks and protective coverings
Surface protection
  • Adhesive foams
  • Adhesives / sandblasting foils
  • Adhesives / sanding foils
  • Adhesives / stripping foils
  • Adhesives / shot-blasting foils
  • Floor protection
  • MRO protection
Functional foils
  • Positioning stencils
Functional integration
  • Material highlighting
  • Control panels
  • Diffused illumination
Interior and exterior marking
  • Technical marking
  • Customization

Seriously positive value-added

Liven up a material with the lighting technique.

Our engineering office will help you with your ext/int signing projects, steel/aluminium structures, stretched tarpaulin frame.

Un Full covering installation service, total covering, panel mounting…

Different types of printing :

  • 3D embossing ink
  • Selective varnishing

Equipped with a professional bodywork spraying booth for the specific colouring and varnishing of surfaces.